La Cantine by Fabrice Le Chef” awaits you since the opening of the Fabrice's restaurant. Meet us at the heart of the village of Daglan , right next to school ...

Personal chef services

Will it be luncheon, or dinner? Will it be a menu suggested by Fabrice, or one that you create with Fabrice’s help? Will it take place in your own home, or in the villa or château you’re renting? No matter what, having Fabrice as your personal chef will guarantee a wonderful meal – and a great time for you and your guests.

The reason is simple: Fabrice is committed to using the freshest local ingredients, and applying all his skill and passion as a chef. Your meal will include authentic French dishes that Fabrice will be only too happy to discuss with you.

For all dinner parties, one or more waiters will be provided (depending on the size of your group), to ensure that your service is as flawless as your meal.

Fabrice will prepare a three-course or four-course meal for either luncheon or dinner parties. Menus are subject to change, depending on availability of ingredients and your personal needs and tastes. Detailed menus and prices will be provided to you by email, upon request.



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