La Cantine by Fabrice Le Chef” awaits you since the opening of the Fabrice's restaurant. Meet us at the heart of the village of Daglan , right next to school ...

Bonjour! I’m Fabrice Lemonnier,

And I believe that French cuisine can be a wonderful way to bring people together, and to make holidays even more enjoyable.

You may want private chef services for a special luncheon or dinner at your own home, or at the villa that you’re renting while on holiday. Or you may want to enhance your own skills – and your knowledge of local, authentic cuisine – with a personalized cooking course.

I have both the training and the experience you’d expect in a private French chef.

I look forward to meeting you, and helping you get even more from your stay in France.”

I invite you to meet me in my restaurant “La Cantine” in the village of Daglan.



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